A Governmental Start-up

Disruptive technology and legislation don't go hand in hand. Government is always playing catch-up.

Industries can be rattled when new tech comes out and it takes years for laws to be debated and passed to create a so-called 'level playing field'.

Take Uber's recent predicament in London. Incumbent black cabs drivers are feeling the pinch as consumers opt for a cheaper and similarly efficient way to get around the capital. 

Government is finally acting. But why has it taken so long?

Changing the law in London 5 years after Uber comes to market is ridiculous. There should be tweaks to legislation along the way and current bureaucratic governments simply can't deliver this.

How about setting-up a start-up branch of the Government that can debate and propose changes to certain parts of legislation in a matter of months rather than years? I appreciate the how is rather complicated, but I feel it's worth exploring.

Disruptive technology should be allowed to thrive and no incumbent industry is too big to go under, but only if they fail to adapt in conditions that are fair for all.